Final Projects

Your final project for this course is up to you. You may want to develop a traditional research paper, a conference paper, an annotated bibliography, a digital piece or podcast, a syllabus or other kinds of teaching materials, or something else. You should choose a project that will be interesting and useful to you at this moment in your graduate studies.

The only requirement is that your project must have an audio component that in some way compliments, performs, or enacts the ideas that your project explores. We will be discussing various possibilities in class, and you will also receive feedback on a project proposal (see below). At the end of semester, you will present an abbreviated version of your textual project along with the digital audio piece you designed.


Project Proposal

For our class meeting on March 22, we will be doing some guided writing and having a discussion about your project ideas.

Then, after a round of initial feedback in class on March 22, you will have a week to draft/refine your proposals. Final proposals are due to me via email on March 29.

The point of turning these in so early is not to lock you into an idea. Rather, I just want to make sure you all have a clear focus early in the semester so that you’re not rushed during the last few weeks of class. Your project will most likely change and evolve once you start to work on it, and that’s fine (even expected). I am happy to chat with you at any point during your project development, so your proposal feedback does not have to be the final word.

While there is no specific format for your proposal, it must address the following questions:

-What are the ideas, questions, or problems you’d like to explore in your project and what do you find compelling about this line of inquiry?

-In what ways does the focus of your project intersect with or build upon your own scholarly interests and the course content (please cite specific texts)?

-What is the most appropriate format (research paper, podcast, syllabus, etc) for your project and why?

-What kind of audio component do you plan to design and for what purpose(s)?

-How do you plan to go about developing this project (e.g. will it require learning a new technology, researching an area of voice scholarship we have not yet covered in class, etc)? In other words, what is your plan of action?

-What do you hope to learn from doing a project like this?