Week 1 [January 18]

Introductions + Listening Activities


Week 2 [January 25]: Writing Voices: Academic v. Personal

[in addition to weekly Collab post, please post a 250 word writing sample that best represents your voice to the Collab “writing samples” thread]

Fulwiler, “Looking and Listening for My Voice” [PDF]

Bartholomae, “Writing with Teachers: A Conversation with Peter Elbow” [PDF] + Elbow, “Being a Writer vs Being an Academic Writer” [PDF]

Elbow, “Voice in Writing Again: Embracing Contraries” [PDF]

Royster, “When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own” [PDF]


Week 3 [February 1]: Voice in Theory, Take 1

Roland Barthes, “The Grain of the Voice” [PDF]

Ong, “The Orality of Language” [PDF] + listen to Lambke’s “The Oral Aural Walter Ong” [transcript available here]

Bakhtin, “Discourse in Dostoevsky” [PDF]

Derrida, “The Voice That Keeps Silence” [PDF]


Week 4 [February 8]: Voice in Theory, Take 2

Ihde, “A Phenomenology of Voice” + “The Auditory Imagination” [PDF]

Dolar, “The Linguistics of the Voice” [PDF]

Cavarero, For More Than One Voice “Introduction” + “A Vocal Ontology of Uniqueness” [PDF]

Sterne, Introduction to MP3: The Meaning of a Format [PDF]


Week 5 [February 15]: Gendered Voices

In-Class: Intro to audio editing; pitch voice autobio ideas

Schlichter, “Do Voices Matter? Vocality, Materiality, Gender Performativity” [PDF]

Hapsis, “S-Town Is a Reminder That We Only Police the Way Women Speak” + Watch How Does Vocal Fry Work?”  + “Why Do Girls Have Creaky Voices”  + “Brian Reed’s Vocal Fry on This American Life

Watch “Trans Singer Records Duet With Himself Pre and Post Transition

Sounding Out! Blog “Gendered Voices” Forum (selections):

Silva, “As Loud as I Want to Be: Gender, Loudness, and Respectability Politics

Blake, “Finding My Voice While Listening to John Cage

Roberts, “Echo and the Chorus of Female Machines

James, “What Feels Good to Me: Extra-Verbal Vocal Sounds and Sonic Pleasure in Black Femme Pop Music


Week 6 [February 22]: Voice, Race, Technology

Voice Autobiography Drafts Due; Peer Workshop

Stoever, The Sonic Color Line “Introduction” [PDF]

Stone, “Listening to the Sonic Archive: Rhetoric, Representation, and Race in the Lomax Prison Recordings

Weheliye, “Desiring Machines in Black Popular Music” [PDF]


Week 7 [March 1]: Interlude: Sound Studies? | Voice Autobiography Due

Sterne, “Sonic Imaginations” [PDF]

Voice Autobiography Presentations


Week 8 [No Class—Spring Break]


Week 9 [March 15]: Disembodied Voices

[No Class—Textual Discussion of Readings on Collab]

Neumark, “Doing Things with Voices: Performativity and Voice” [Voice Ch 6]

Connor, Dumbstruck: A History of Ventriloquism [selections]


Week 10 [March 22]: Voice, Deafness, Materiality

Sun Eidsheim, “Music’s Material Dependency: What Underwater Opera Can Tell US about Odysseus’s Ears” [PDF]

Ree, I See a Voice “Introduction” + “Listening with the Voice” [PDF]

Zdenek, “Which Sounds Are Significant? Towards a Rhetoric of Closed Captioning


Week 11 [March 29]: Voices on Screens, Voices in Earbuds | Final Project Proposal Workshop

Macallan and Plain, “Filmic Voices” [Voice Ch 13]

Ward, “Voice, Videogames, and the Technologies of Immersion” [Voice Ch 14]

Kirkpatrick, “Voices Made for Print: Crip Voices on the Radio” [PDF]

Madsen and Potts, “Voice-Cast: The Distribution of the Voice via Podcasting” [Voice Ch 3]


Week 12 [April 5]: Voice, Recomposition, and the Digital Arts | Final Project Proposals Due

Neumark. “Introduction: The Paradox of Voice” [in Voice]

Dyson, Sounding New Media “Introduction”

Anderson, “Toward a Resonant Material Vocality for Digital Composition” + listen to “Being Siri

Trisha Campbell, “Digital Empathy

Watch: “Synthetic Voices, as Unique as Fingerprints


Week 13 [April 12]: At the Human Limits of Voice

[all readings available in Voice, pp. 301-382]

Taussig, “Humming”

Saybasili, “‘Digital Ghosts’: Voice and Migratory Hauntings”

Beiguelman, “Media Voices: Beyond Talking Heads”

Brophy, “Vocalizing the Posthuman”

Gholipour, “New AI Can Mimic Any Voice


Week 14 [April 19]: Voices, (Post)Humans, Machines

Pettman, Sonic Intimacy: Voice, Species, Technics


Week 15 [April 26]

Final Project Presentations + Audio Performances (20-30 min each, including questions/feedback) + Course Evals


Week 16 [May 3]

Final Project Due Date: Email me your projects anytime between May 1 and May 10th. I will start reading/listening to them on the morning of May 11th.